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My Story

Hello everyone! My name is Ana Lobo, I was born and raised in Venezuela. My family is half Italian and half Venezuelan, so I grew up with both cultural influences. I came to the US after I graduated High School, to study English and then I went to Beauty School to follow a dream.

A few years later, I met my husband and we are now parents of two beautiful daughters. As a hispanic immigrant, it has not always been easy to follow my dreams; but I never let that stop me. I teach my daughters that everyone is capable of achieving their dreams no matter what as long as they exercise consistency, passion, and hard work. I teach them to approach the world in a positive way, be kind to others, and to never forget their roots.

My passion for skin care started when I was around 12 years old, and since then, I’ve had a strong drive to learn and continue learning everything this field has to offer. After completing beauty school in Boston Massachusetts in 2004, I’ve continued perfecting my craft by attending seminars, classes, and trainings while getting certified in specialized treatments.

Having been in the skin care field for 17 years, something I’ve always loved is seeing my clients amazed by the results, their boost in confidence and learning how to love themselves the way they are. I’m grateful and privileged to be part of my clients’ skin health journeys. Beauty comes from the inside out. That’s why,  when it comes to luxury skin care, investing in high-quality products that are formulated with natural ingredients and free from harsh chemicals is imperatively beneficial for the overall health of our skin.